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offers the best synthetic turf for greens
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DAVE PELZ GreenMaker™
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EasyGrass® makes practicing your putting,
lobs and chip shots on your terrace, back yard
or family room an everyday reality


EasyGrass® Golf Systems by SYNLawn® Golf have everything a golf aficionado may need or wish for —ahem, except for golf clubs, balls and a winner’s swing!

We can, however, make your pool area, back yard, office, terrace, family room, and even your bedroom “golf-ready” with our extensive offering of professional class SYNLawn® Golf, the highest quality artificial putting green surfaces and realistic synthetic grasses for every phase of the golf game and especially created for residential and commercial golf applications.

SYNLawn® Golf has partnered with Dave Pelz, a former NASA scientist, short game golf-guru, instructor and author, to develop the most realistic, state-of-the-art synthetic golf grasses. And they are proudly made in America!

EasyGrass® brings you all that PLUS expert GreensMaster™:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Project Planning
  • Site Preparation
  • Installation

GreensMaster™ Certified Installers have advanced training, proprietary base technology and specialized installation techniques to ensure the highest quality golf greens possible.


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EasyGrass® Golf Systems by SYNLawn® Golf.

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Dave Pelz GreenMaker™ Putting Green Series
by SYNLawn® Golf
Golf Turf by SYNLawn® Golf & Dave Pelz

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