What if you never have to worry about mowing your lawn again? Such is the appeal of the latest trend in landscaping called “enviroscaping.” Whether your property is residential or commercial makes no difference. Forget sprinkler systems and hiring someone to come to your property to help, and just think of the money you will save and how convenient it will be. Having artificial turf installed in your Ft. Lauderdale property is quickly becoming the best thing for vacation homeowners, residents, and commercial establishments with large lawns to maintain.

Why exactly are people opting for “fake grass”?

Top Reasons for Choosing Artificial Turf for Your Ft. Lauderdale Home

You Will Save Money With Artificial Grass

Most people hire someone to do their lawn work, which is an added cost. If you have artificial grass, then there is no need for any weedeating or tedious grass cutting. You will save money on your water bill, too. Natural grass becomes quite dry in the Florida sun, but you won’t need to worry about turning on those sprinklers to water fake grass. Your lawn will always look lush and green without the need for water.

You Will Experience Less Dirt In Your Home, Deck, and Pool Area

Children and pets can leave a big mess as they tread throughout the yard and then back into your home. If it’s raining, the mess will be even bigger due to mud. You also know what it is like to have freshly cut grass blown or carried into the house and into your pool. With artificial turf on your lawn, deck, patio, or pool area, you don’t have to worry about all these anymore. Dirt in and around your home will be greatly reduced, as will grass clippings.

Your Lawn Will Be Picture Perfect

There are some areas that have poor soil. No matter what those homeowners try to do, nothing will make their yard look like a lush golf course. You take pride in your home, so you want a lawn that is appealing yet functional. It’s hard to do that in the extreme temperatures and poor soil conditions. Artificial turf has given homeowners the perfect lawn that requires little to no maintenance while looking lush and green year-long.

Your Yard Will Be Environmentally Friendly

The best part about having artificial turf is that you are being conscious of our environment because you conserve water. Anything you do to lessen your impact on the environment will be greatly appreciated by the next generations. Did you know that a lawn mower’s gas engine gives off dangerous toxins into the air? With artificial grass, you don’t need a mower. You just simply hose off the lawn when needed.

No matter what your situation, artificial grass in a South Florida home is valuable. Vacation homeowners love the fact that they don’t have to think about the upkeep when they are not home. With various options available, homeowners can choose the variety that is durable and looks very natural.

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