The summer season is a wonderful time of year for backyard barbeques. With so many Ft. Lauderdale homeowners opting for artificial turf, it’s only natural to worry about what excessive heat can do to the turf material. The good news is that artificial grass doesn’t catch fire so easily. Nevertheless, excessive heat can still damage it, and once the material is damaged, it will have to be replaced.

If you have an artificial lawn or are still deciding to have one, here are a few tips to help you protect it from damage during BBQ season.

Barbecue Grill Placed Secure on Patio Prevents Artificial Turf Damage

Keep grill on an even surface

Make sure your grill is stable every time you pull it out. Confirm that it doesn’t wobble before you light it. Ideally, you should have a dedicated place on a concrete patio for your grill, but if you don’t have a patio or concrete surface to set the grill on, you can easily create one with a cement ‘pad’ with pavers. Make the pad at least half a foot larger than the grill base so that any coal or food that falls from the grill is kept away from the artificial grass.

Cover the grill when not in use

Covering the grill prevents coals or food from falling off and rolling onto the artificial grass. Even if these items have cooled down, they can still stain artificial grass. Covering the grill also protects the grill’s contents from the elements and keeps your food from lawn debris.

Clean the grill after use

Leftover food and grease can turn your grill into a fire hazard the next time you use it. Cleaning your grill after each use potentially reduces such risks. Should the grill tip over for some reason while you’re using it, nothing will spill onto the synthetic turf. The best time to clean the grill is immediately after use while it’s still hot and the food and grease haven’t hardened yet.

Summer is indeed the perfect time for barbeques, so if you don’t have artificial turf yet, now’s the time to have it installed before you start inviting friends and family over. Get in touch with Ft. Lauderdale artificial turf installers such as those at Easy Grass and have the perfect summer entertaining spot.

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