The great thing about switching to artificial turf is that it actually gives you a lot more flexibility for your gardening skills. Sure, it’s literally fake grass, but this shouldn’t stop you from exercising your creativity in beautifying your garden. Nor does it mean that you cannot surround patches of artificial turf with a few real flowering plants.

Here are some helpful tips for you to make the most out of the artificial turf that you have in your property.

Tips on Keeping Gardening Fun Even After Switching to Artificial Grass

Grass for Roof Decks and Lofts

Live grass is really difficult and costly to put up in roof decks and lofts. The structure needs to be able to support the weight of the grass and the soil.

On the other hand, you won’t have that kind of problem with artificial turf. All you have to do is to have it installed, and you can get start enjoying your new roof deck garden.

Certain requirements will still need to be met. For example, installing artificial turf on concrete or stone surfaces would require a standard gradient to allow water run-off. The installer will then lay down the grass sheets loosely, and the secure it down around the edges using an all-weather adhesive. Then again, as long as you get the right supplier who will also take care of the installation this shouldn’t be a problem.

Base Cover for Trees

In case you have a tree in your yard with a mound of earth underneath it that simply can’t grow grass, you can switch to using artificial turf for an easier design and patch-up. You can simply cut up the turf sheets and fit it to the base of the tree and then maybe even add pebbles and other decorative stones to add more character.

With artificial turf, you can also make it consistent all throughout the rest of your lawn, covering the entire space with it so that it’s green all year ‘round.

Indoor Garden Nooks

If you want to break the monotony of an interior structure, such as a library, for example, or a residential building, you can designate a section for a patch of artificial turf. It’s ideal even for indoors precisely because it doesn’t require watering or sunlight. It should also bring a nice pop of color that would perfectly add character to the interior.

If you need artificial grass for your home, seek reputable suppliers such as Easy Grass.

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