In recent years, and with dry spells becoming more frequent for much longer periods of time, more people turned to artificial turf for residential lawns and other fields and spaces instead of plating real grass.

The most obvious benefit is that artificial turf won’t need a lot of maintenance to remain looking lush and green. There are plenty of other reasons why you should start considering switching to artificial grass given the opportunity.

The Benefits You Can Enjoy by Making the Switch to Artificial Turf

Be More Environment-Friendly

An average American household consumes as much as 320 gallons of water every single day. 30% of this amount goes straight to outdoor water usage, such as watering the plants, washing the driveway, cleaning cars, and and filling our South Florida pools.

That’s an impressive amount of water consumption. One of the bigger reasons why artificial turf suddenly became a lot more appealing to homeowners, despite it being fake grass, is to conserve water. Just imagine how many gallons of water you can end up saving on a monthly basis on turf you’ll only need to wash once a week for maintenance, instead of real grass which need to be watered every day.

It’s not just the reduced water consumption that makes artificial turf environment-friendly either. Because they don’t grow, you won’t need to use your lawn mowers, nor would you have any need for fertilizers. What this means is that you are also effectively reducing carbon emissions. It can reduce pollution by preventing water runoff that may carry contaminants and harmful chemicals out to nearby bodies of water.

Healthier for Pets and Children

Live grass attracts all sorts of insects and animals. The danger here is that some of these creatures, such as the mosquitoes, can potentially carry diseases like dengue, malaria, and zika virus among others.

This puts the health of your children at risk. Meanwhile, your pets are also not safe from this thriving ecosystem on your lawn either. Ticks and fleas can infest your pet. Take out the live grass and you can rest assured that these pests will have no interest in your artificial lawn.

If you are to finally make the switch, it’s advisable that you get it from quality and reputable suppliers such as Easy Grass so you can get the most appropriate artificial turf for your lawn.

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