In the past several years, instances of record-breaking droughts have been documented all across the country. The state of California alone is one concrete example of this, taking as much as five long years before 40% of the state was actually declared out of the drought.

Synthetic Grass is the New Hot Trendy Alternative for Your Green LawnEven Florida fell victim to a severe dry spell back in 2015, affecting as much as 5.5 million residents. South Florida, in particular, suffered for much of the drought, with a shortage of usable freshwater resources compounding the problem. Daily lives were of course affected, from agriculture to irrigation, and even landscaping.

Because of these developments, it’s no wonder that synthetic grass has become very popular. Even today, now that drought isn’t a problem in most of the previously affected areas, the use of artificial turf remain a viable option for the prudent Ft. Lauderdale homeowner. If you want to keep up-to-date, here are some ideas that you can use to make the most out of the artificial turf trend this 2017.

Blended Blades – Bright green turfs tend to resemble well-manicured putting greens to the point that their bright shade look suspiciously too green. If you want something that will still look or feel more natural, blended blades are the best choice for you. This kind of turf mixes green and brown blades to give it an earthier look and feel. At least with this one, although your lawn may be using fake grass, you can be sure that it doesn’t look it.

Artificial Play Spaces – The great thing about synthetic turf is that you don’t need an actual plot of land to install it. Even if your surface is tiled, such as on a section of your garage, for example, you can patch up a makeshift “garden plot”. This can prove to be very useful especially if you have limited space but would like to provide a play area for kids or even your pets. It would also do well to break the monotony of an all-concrete or tiled flooring.

Roof Gardens – You can have a garden even if you don’t have lots of open spaces in your property. If you have balcony space or a roof deck, you can spruce it up with artificial turf. You won’t have to worry about added weight on the structure because artificial turf is definitely not as heavy as live grass because it does not need soil to grow on. You can then dress up and decorate the place according to your preferences, so that you can have your own relaxing nook.

You can consult with professional artificial grass providers so you can have the right artificial turf for your needs.

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