Artificial turf is convenient, durable, and cost-effective. But if you think it belongs only on a sports field, you’d better think again. These gorgeous turfs also deserve a spot in your yard, and will surely be enjoyed by your kids and pets.

Artificial Turf in Ft. Lauderdale is a Great Addition to Any Home

Around Your Pool

For sure, a pool is a great addition to any home. It allows you to relax and stay fit all in the comfort of your own home. But, if you’re seeking a way to make your entire yard look livelier, look no further than artificial turf. Indeed, you can install this turf around the vicinity of the pool to lend a touch of green to the area.

Moreover, surrounding a pool with artificial turf keeps debris and dirt off the bottom of shoes and sandals, eliminating any chance of such detritus reaching the water and thereby lowering your pool maintenance costs.

Out on Your Patio

If your backyard includes a patio or similar refuge, you can add a cozy nook where you can read a book, enjoy tea time, or simply sit back and relax. Liven up your mini-sanctuary by installing a small patch of artificial turf. Though made from synthetic material, it looks just like the real thing, but requires far less maintenance. You’ll never worry again about watering your tiny patch of peace, or worry about applying otherwise harmful fertilizers to keep it lush.

On the Playground

A playground equates to fun and exercise for the kids, who need room to roam every day. However, all that play often leads to trips and falls, which can cause gashes, bruises and other worrisome injuries. If you’re looking for a safer alternative to paving or concrete floors, consider using artificial turf instead—to cushion falls and help prevent injuries.

On the Tee

Did you know that artificial turf can also be used for golf courses? Of course, you don’t need to own acres of land just for this purpose. If you have space in your lawn, you can install artificial turf to create a tiny golf course where you can practice your swing whenever you feel like it. In fact, you can also install this mini-golf course in the balcony in your office for a nice little break from the workday.

As you can see, artificial turf around Ft. Lauderdale can be put to more uses than you might imagine. If you’re interested in installing this kind of turf, get in touch with a trusted supplier and installer today.


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