Washington, D.C. | April 5, 2012

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has affirmed the safety of the use of recycled tire crumb in playgrounds and in synthetic turf athletic fields.

In response to concerns about possible health implications, the EPA conducted a Scoping-Level Field Monitoring Study of Synthetic Turf Fields and Playgrounds. The final report was issued in 2009 and concluded that on average, concentrations of components monitored in this study were below levels of concern.

To supplement this study’s limited data, EPA met with state and local representatives in 2010 to review other available field monitoring studies, including a 2010 study Exit EPA conducted by the state of Connecticut which concluded that exposures and risks were not elevated (relative to what is commonly found in outdoor air) for either children or adults using the fields.

“We are extremely pleased with the EPA’s conclusion, affirming our own findings that rubber filled fields provide a safe environment for athletes of all sizes,” said Bernie Torra, partner with Easy Grass, LLC.

A 2010 report (PDF)(13 pp, 238.24 K) Exit EPA by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery examined the possible human health risks of outdoor athletic fields made from artificial turf containing recycled crumb rubber with respect to skin abrasions, bacteria harbored by the turf, inhalable particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds. The report concluded these fields do not pose a serious public health concern.

At this point, EPA does not believe that the field monitoring data collected provides evidence of an elevated health risk resulting from the use of recycled tire crumb in playgrounds or in synthetic turf athletic fields. Ultimately, the use of recycled tire crumb or any other playground materials is a state and local decision.

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