iMiami, FL | March 28, 2012

The US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs has a new landing strip for its glider planes carpeted with more than 1.3 million square feet of artificial turf. The prestigious school unveiled the $3.6 million installation on Tuesday, and is the equivalent of about 23 NFL football fields or 16 MLS soccer fields.

“To satisfy what I imagine was a rigorous and thorough assessment from the likes of the US Air Force undoubtedly serves as a powerful testimony as to the resiliency and versatility of today’s artificial grass”, said Bernie Torra of Easy Grass, LLC, Florida’s leading artificial turf provider.

The gliders don’t have landing gear but skid to a stop on their bellies, so they can’t use hard-surface runways. Officials say the previous natural grass landing strip was bumpier and harder on the gliders.

Artificial turf eliminates the cost of watering and mowing, and pilots can see markings more easily. Officials say the new surface is expected to last 25 years.

Last year the academy replaced its glider fleet with 19 new aircraft and 11 trailers at a cost of $4.8 million.

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