Miami, FL | December 9, 2011

Having a synthetic turf field at home has helped eleven of the Top 25 Bowl Championship Series (BCS) teams score a winning season this year. Following last weekend’s Conference Championships, these teams have a combined win-loss record of 110-25, representing a total 81% win percentage.

“Those schools that have installed synthetic turf report improvements across all sports programs because of the consistent playing surface and uninterrupted play time,” noted Bernie Torra, partner at Easy Grass, LLC.

The highest ranked college football team in the country with a synthetic turf home field is Oklahoma State University (ranked #3 on the BCS list), whose Boone Pickens Stadium seats over 60,000. Today, more than 7,000 synthetic turf fields are currently being used in North America by a growing number of high school and collegiate athletes playing and practicing football and many other sports including soccer, hockey, baseball, rugby and lacrosse. About half of all NFL teams currently play their games on synthetic turf and, since 2003, over 70 FIFA U-17 and U-20 World Cup matches have been played on synthetic turf soccer fields. “Using synthetic turf at home stadiums and practice fields has proved beneficial for a growing number of college teams,” noted Rick Doyle, President of the Synthetic Turf Council. “Student athletes can play and practice football without worrying about weather disruptions or over-used playing surfaces.”

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